We signed the lease
— November 11th 2016
We decided to test out the burgers at the Aussie Night Markets and on this date was the first time anyone ever tasted our burgers. Read More Here
— December 6th 2016
We opened our doors for the very first time in Penrith.
— January 6th 2017
We hit the scene hard and fast causing quite a stir in the burger world. 4 months in we were invited to join Burgapalooza a festival with the biggest names in the burger game.
— April 1st 2017
We were invited down to Sydney’s biggest event - The Royal Easter Show.
— April 6th 2017
A competition on Channel 7 names Burger Head as the best burger in Sydney
— August 1st 2017
We went ALL OUT with our burger special and broke Sydney sider’s Instagram accounts with our Twisties Burger
— 21st August 2017
We had an opportunity to open a second Burger Head, something we thought wouldn’t be a reality until 3 years into the business.
— September 17th 2017
We won the Local Business Awards for Restaurant of the Year.
— September 27th 2017
Beaumont Hills closes down after 6 months. A lot of lessons learnt.
— March 4th 2018
Big Seven Media names Burger Head as the 23rd best burger in Australia
— February 27th 2019