The Name

Naming your first business is much like naming a kid.

You hear a name, you like it, you get excited, you think of every scenario in using the name.

You find a problem.


We went on for months like this.

Planning the restaurant without a name.

One night after work at Master we ordered in some Thai food and sat around a table with a few drinks and bags of food talking plans for what would become Burger Head when we started brainstorming and throwing out names.

We said “No matter how stupid it sounds, just say it”. Looking around the room one of the fellas suggested “Brick”. Imagine one of Sydney’s best burger joints simply called “Brick”. We put away the beers.

On another night we went out to Richard’s house in Silverdale where he lives on acreage and had a bonfire, drinks and a BBQ. We had sunk a few beers that night and started on the name chatter when Josh quipped up the name “Baltimore 234”. We were looking to open a burger joint which would have a bit of an American influence hence the Baltimore part. The 234 was to represent Josh born in 92, Richard in 93 and Tim in 94. We all agreed and that was the name.

All for about 12 hours.

We woke up in the morning with sore heads and a feeling of something not quite right. We all realised that the name was crap but none of us wanted to be the first one to say it.

Thank god one of us did.

Back to the drawing board.

One day Lauren (Josh’s partner) suggested the name Burger Head. Josh and Richard immediately loved it but Tim absolutely hated it. After months of frustration of no name Richard and Josh basically said “suck a fat one Tim, we need a name and 2 outta 3 like Burger Head”

Outvoted and a bit grouchy over the fact but Tim was glad we finally had a name.

Hindsight is a great thing as the name turned out to be one of the best names possible


Timothy Rosenstrauss