The Dads of Burger Head

I don’t think you ever stop being a dad.

Well, at least that’s the case for the dads of the boys who own Burger Head.

When your younger your dad is working full time, getting home and helping with dinner, housework, footy training and running you around. He gets you to 18 when you become an adult and you’re on your own to figure it out but that’s not always the case and certainly not in the case of Troy, Josh’s dad and Steve, Tim’s Dad.

You think that Josh and Tim open up a restaurant, they’re smart, they’re switched on and have it all figured out. Welllllll not quite.

Without the help of Troy and Steve over the course of Burger Head behind the scenes it’d be a very different burger joint with a very different set of books.

From Troy’s handyman skills helping us out at the shop non stop the boys would’ve been slogged with builder’s wages but Troy on top of his normal workload building fireplaces for near 60 hours a week and caring for Josh’s 7 other siblings and mum he’s still found time to help Josh and  Burger Head out.

A usual day for Troy involves getting up at 6 heading to work until 5 heading home for dinner and then between Josh’s 7 siblings there’s always dancing or footy or some other co-curricular activity that needs a dad taxi service. When Josh has called with a request for help Troy has come out west and lent us a hand. One night when we needed to do work in the kitchen, Troy after a huge day at his own job that would leave most ready for bed, pushed on at the shop until 2 am helping us out before heading home and calling it a day. There have been many instances where he’s helped us out with his handy work. That new schmancy courtyard, connecting the two shops together, helping patch up around a new range hood and always lending us his prized box trailer when we’ve needed it.

On the other side of the business that most small businesses struggle with, accounting, is where Tim’s old man Steve has helped the boys out. Before we had the site and had to register the business Steve advised on how to register with ASIC. When the ATO has come knocking for their BAS, Income Tax, PAYG and GST he helped the boys make sure to stay out of hot water with their office and made sure it was done correctly! That sort of advice and work doesn’t come cheap which has saved the boys what would be another expense on the business. He’s always been around to help when the shop was looking like it would sell out Steve went from Ashfield to Marrickville where the baker’s kitchen was and all the way out to Penrith to make sure the boys avoided selling out.

Without the constant support from the boy’s dads, it’d be a very different Burger Head and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the big fellas’ support

Timothy Rosenstrauss